Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{8 Weeks}

Month 2 {September}

How Far Along: 8 beautiful weeks!

Favorite Maternity Clothes: In my regular clothes still…I’ve heard it’s the luxury of a first baby ;-)

Best moment this month: Seeing baby’s heartbeat at the Dr’s office at 7.5 weeks…what an answer to prayer! Kenny and I were overwhelmed with thankfulness!

Movement: Only that little heartbeat!

Food Cravings/Aversions: For the most part, feeling great. Did hit a rough patch week 6 with food aversions and minor waves of nausea…downing the water!

What I miss: Bye-Bye sushi…

Sleep: I heart sleep.

What I am looking forward to: Passing that First Trimester milestone…we are learning to trust the Lord in new ways and are thankful for every day I have the privilege of carrying this child! (But oh man, it will feel good/reassuring to get to 12 weeks!)

Belly Changes: Jeans are beginning to feel a little tight when I’m sitting… ah, the beauty of unbuttoning ;-)

Symptoms: Fatigue, food aversions, minor nausea, excess trips to the restroom…

Prayer for this month: Beginning to pray for specific parts of baby’s body that are forming. I’m enjoying reading the pregnancy books mom gave me and they have been a great guide to help me know what to pray for. May baby’s feet bring good news, may her hands hold loosely to the world and firmly to her Father, may his mind grow in the knowledge and wisdom of his Savior…

5.5 week ultrasound showing a well-formed yolk-sac and a little shadow of a baby :)

7.5 week ultrasound showing beginnings of placenta and a little peanut with arm and leg buds!
At our 7.5 week scan, we also saw the heartbeat for the first time...such a miracle!

{4 Weeks}

4 Weeks - Month 1 {August}

How Far Along: 4 weeks – we just found out and are SO thankful and excited to be expecting!

Favorite Maternity Clothes: Not yet…would that be some sort of record?

Best moment this month: Seeing those two beautiful lines show up on the pregnancy test (AHHH!!!!)…and running in the room to tell Kenny with tears streaming down my face :)

Movement: Just me…jumping up and down repeatedly.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Hungry! I heart carbs.


Sleep: Getting up a few times at night to use the restroom…which is rather uncommon for me.

What I am looking forward to:

Belly Changes: Not yet!

Symptoms: Fatigue, exhaustion….nap-time, please.

Prayer for this month: Praying the Lord would allow us to hold this little one in our arms here on earth – for a safe and healthy pregnancy. After our miscarriage last March, we don’t take the miracle of life lightly! What a joy it will be so meet this precious little one…

This was my $2 preg test from Walmart I took two days before I "should have" and it came up right away!! I told myself that if it was negative, it didn't mean anything because I tested early, and...it was cheap ;-)

Psalm 66 has come to mean so much to Kenny and I on this journey...what a beautiful promise of God answering prayer in His time, and bringing us to this place of abundance. We praise You, Lord!

Monday, October 24, 2011


Our hearts are full to overflow...Baby Sinclair is due May 7, 2012!
Kenny and I are THRILLED to be expecting and give the Lord all the glory for the precious miracle growing within me. We had been praying for quite some time the Lord would allow us to be parents...it was a long road, but one that was not in vain. Through the pain of having to wait for the desire of our hearts (and a pregnancy loss in the middle of that long wait), God taught us what it meant to love him, trust him, and desire HIM more deeply. That is the greatest gift of all! I am feeling great at 12 weeks and looking forward to updating soon with some "belly" pictures (I say "belly" because I'm not really "showing" much yet...but I've been diligent in taking monthly photos...for posterity, of course ;-)) For now, just feeling overwhelmed with gratitude and looking toward the future with breathless anticipation as we await the arrival of this precious baby! (EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!)

A sight I will never forget...thank you, Lord!!

...and baby makes THREE :)