Saturday, October 23, 2010

Something In The Water

Brooke Fraser: Something In the Water, Video

I'm in love with Brooke Fraser's newest album, "Flags" which released earlier this week. Musically, it's like a gourmet meal for the senses!! I can't get over all the different facets and layers of the production...simply: it is magical :) The best "feel good" track is cut #1, "Something In the Water" which I can't listen to without smiling and tapping my toes :-D And, I'm equally crazy about the song "Crows and Locusts" ...epic. Thanks, Brooke, for an incredible and inspiring album!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Split Ends, No More!

After 7 months, I finally got a haircut! Nothing spectacular...but it just "feels" better :) (girls, you know what I mean!) She just fixed the layers and trimmed the ends...ahhh...a fresh haircut!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bluebird Bakery

I got to have lunch on Friday with some of my favorite people at one of my favorite places! One of my oldest and dearest friends, Lydia, was visiting from Colorado with her 11 mo. old, Aida and I was excited for her and Steph to meet. Of course...Ethan came along, too :) We met up at the Bluebird Bakery in historic Glendale and had a delicious lunch and shared good food and even better conversation...

Whimsical table numbers made me smile:

I had the harvest salad (yum) with ham and bean soup! Perfect Fall combo :)

Aida drank out of a big girl cup!

I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friendships and to be able to love on and invest in their kids. Love you girls!

It Started With Crazy Eyes

It all started as we were leaving. One of my best friends, Stephanie and I usually spend Fridays together since I am off work and she is still on maternity leave. We were gathering our things and buckling Ethan into his pumpkin seat (getting ready to get our Maxx-inistas on) when he made these crazy eyes:

And he continued making this hilarious expression every time she lowered the top down!! We got laughing so hard we could hardly stand it - especially when she proceeded to include the theme song from psycho (think: "eee eee eee!"). Then, Ethan started laughing at us... (we are pretty funny)

...And thus ensued the Ethan photo shoot in his pumpkin seat :)

I mean, how could I resist this face???

And then I looked outside...and the sun had dipped behind the trees and the leaves were falling and I just had to get them out in the yard for more pictures :) hehe. (TJ'll just have to wait!)

You'll probably remember Steph from the materninty photo shoot I did with her back in June! It's hard to believe Ethan is actually here now :)

I love this child.

Did you just adoringly put your hand over your heart? Yeah...I thought so ;-)

Ethan and his Gigi :)

We did eventually end up paying a visit to TJ Maxx...but not until we uploaded the photos and "ooo-ed and ahh-ed" over his sweet little faces....and a brief (but delightful) rendezvous to Starbucks!

The Unwelcomed Welcomer

Fievel, the praying mantis that has lived in our door-frame for about 5 weeks, was just devoured and replaced by a female one - 10 times his size!! It hissed at me when I tried to use the front door yesterday...after which I shrieked and decided to enter by way of the garage. I miss you, kind little Fievel :-(

I finally worked up the courage to take a picture of doesn't really do her justice...she's about 7-8 inches long!! I've decided to name her Wilhemina... of course.

Let's just put it this way...I'm entering through the garage this week ;-)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Some Enchanted Evening

This past week, sweet Papa and Nana treated the whole family to a lovely evening at the Aronoff to see one of their favorite musicals, SOUTH PACIFIC! It truly was an enchanted evening...full of soaring music, beautiful sets, family togetherness...and Gold Star Chili! And at 10:30 as we were leaving the Aronoff, we exited to the sound of honking horns, hoots and hollers: The REDS had made it to the Playoffs! Cincinnati, you really stold our hearts that night :)

Eating at Gold Star...the great start to any evening!

Kenny...not a Cincinnati chili fan...opted for Arby's take-out on the way ;-)

Papa and Nana gearing up for an evening of excitement!


Papa modeling for me - we're making memories!

Cousin Greg is interning in Cincinnati until Christmas and living with mom and dad - it was fun to have him with us!

Neighbors! :)

Beautiful Aronoff Center...

Poor papa somehow got stuck with my purse while I was flitting around taking photos!

Ready for the show to begin!

Thanks Papa and Nana for a wonderful evening - we are so blessed to have such wonderful memories together as a family!!!