Thursday, December 22, 2011

{20 Weeks}

{ Month 5 }

How Far Along: 20 weeks - halfway!

Favorite Maternity Clothes: This is such a fabulously awkward clothing stage. :) So, my pants all fit with the BellaBand…and I have some cotton maternity shirts…but I can’t find dressier (think: attractive) maternity clothes that I really love. I’m going to hit up some non-maternity clearance racks for larger sizes and baggier styles (i.e. Gap, Fossil, Anthro) in hopes to find some nicer shirts/tunics to wear with leggings.

Best moment this month: There were TWO!

{1} Our 20-week ultrasound! My heart was full to overflowing seeing the answer to our prayers for a child on the ultrasound screen – what a miracle, and what a God we serve! We watched baby reach for his/her toes, yawn, and kick. The ultrasound tech had one hand on the wand, and the other was handing me tissues ;-)

{2} Our baby gender reveal family party! We’re having a sweet baby BOY!!

Movement: Kicks, swooshes, rolls and flips…this baby loves to move! Kenny felt the baby kick for the first time last week (19 weeks) and that was a sweet moment to share together…I wish I could have photographed the smile on his face. Mom (Nana-to-be) was so hoping to get to feel a kick, and FINALLY got a good hard one right in the palm a few nights ago…those of you who know her can imagine her expression, I’m sure. ;-)

Food Cravings/Aversions: Hello, appetite. My only serious craving has been Kashi’s Berry Blossom cereal…like, 3 bowls a day. Still averse to Indian. Boo.

What I miss: A Jersey Mike’s Club Sub this month ;-)

Still sleeping well, used to getting up at night…except when I’m coooooold. I can’t wait to get up to a BABY!

What I am looking forward to: Meeting/holding/kissing/squeezing our sweet little BOY!

Belly Changes: I love watching my tummy grow, imagining the precious one in side! Enjoying the journey of pregnancy…not freaking out about the lbs and enjoying every minute :)

Symptoms: Easily overwhelmed (bawled all the way through the movie “Eight Below”), hormonal, over-the-top maternal instincts, HUNGRY!

Prayer for this month: Lord, is it really possible that You, the King of Creation, came to earth in the very form you are fashioning inside me…a tiny baby? How we worship at the manger of the King of Kings this advent season, so thankful that you became GOD with US…Emmanuel! What a mystery...I am more in awe than ever.

Here we are soon after finding out we're having a SON!

Then today, Kenny's mom and I hit up some baby consignment stores for boy clothes and Buybuy Baby to put final touches on our registry. I was rather proud to finally be able to park in the special "Expectant Mother" spot ;-)

Um...we went crazy. All this for under $100!!
I heart bargains. And tiny things. And my son :)

Kenny and I are overwhelmed with JOY!
Micah Daniel Sinclair
"Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him." {Psalm 127:3}

Sunday, December 11, 2011

{16 Weeks}

Month 4 {November}

How Far Along: 16 weeks!

Favorite Maternity Clothes: No more buttoning of the jeans for this mama – I haven’t moved to maternity pants yet and am getting by currently with the BellaBand. Hoping to buy a second one soon! I’ve worn 2-3 maternity shirts just because I love the length of them so they’ll cover the BellaBand completely.

Best moment this month: Feeling baby’s first strong flutter at the Cincinnati Symphony celebrating Kenny’s 30th birthday last weekend! Baby must have enjoyed Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Scheherazade” …and tympani!

Movement: Can’t wait to feel more – especially when Kenny can feel it, too. I know that will be such a special moment for us to experience together!

Food Cravings/Aversions: The strong aversions have passed, which is really nice. Indian & Mexican food (formerly my favorites) are both still not options…it’s crazy how hormones change your palate. Also realized I’ve been enjoying Skyline Chili more recently, and milkshakes. Especially Chik-Fil-a’s Peppermint Milkshakes.

What I miss: Smoked Salmon…why can’t I stop thinking about it?! {get a grip}

Sleep: I noticed in the past week I’ve begun getting up more often at night to use the restroom (and during the day) – We’re considering turning the bed so I don’t have to go through a labyrinth in the dark, without my contacts in, jumping over both sleeping dogs…to the restroom. ;-)

What I am looking forward to: Four weeks until we find out if Baby is a boy or girl…FOUR WEEKS!!! {breathe}

Belly Changes: I’ve definitely popped out a little just in the past week. If I’m wearing a baggy sweatshirt, it’s not super noticeable….but in a regular cotton shirt, there’s definitely a little bump! Kenny lovingly exclaimed to me yesterday, “You look poochy!!” Thanks, dear.

Symptoms: Definitely dealing with some hormonal pregnancy tears/outbursts this month! Sorry, Kenny :)

Prayer for this month: Father, may I continue to focus my eyes on You during this season. May the words I speak and the things I do reflect You to this precious baby - even while he/she is inside my womb…