Monday, August 30, 2010


Kashi Cocoa Beach Granola & Greek God's Honey Greek Yogurt...the perfect snack combo :-) Mmm...

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Nothing promotes obedience quite like the promise of a TREAT! Kenny and I were in Complete Petsmart when Emma was a puppy and the nice cashier offered her a bacon treat which she took, and then promptly spit out right at his feet!! [insert embarrassment here] Can you believe that?! I guess you really can form a dogs taste-buds by being choosy about what you feed them! We typically offer them a Buddy Biscuit or a variety of Eagle Pack's holistic treats - and we've discovered that both our girls prefer the healthier, organic treats to the Milkbone or Beggin' Strips by far! So....I decided to try to kill two birds with one stone: feed them what they like, and save some money! For the last month, I've been making my own organic dog biscuits! Yes, I am fully aware that they are DOGS...but I reserve the right to nurture my fur-babies until the real things come along ;-) Plus....ugh...they are so cute when they lay on my feet while I cut them out with my bone-shaped cookie cutter!

Here's a recipe I found to use as a fulcrum - I had fun getting creative. First, I made this general recipe, but since then I've tried one with fish stock, apple & apricot! They LOVE them :)

It was fun cutting them out!

Baked them for 20 minutes on one side, flipped them, and 15 more minutes on the other side @ 350!

Here's the final product!! WOOF :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hooray, 30 Years!

Kenny and I hosted a 30th Anniversary party to celebrate my parent's LOVE! We celebrated together in Hilton Head, but I wanted to provide an opportunity for them to celebrate with some of their close friends! My parents love to have FUN, so I held a dessert and lawn-game party!

Some of the ladies enjoying the cool summer evening just chatting away :)

Some of the men after their cornhole championship!

Team Christmas! :)

Bocci Ball!!!

Their gorgeous cake make by The Bluebird Bakery in historic Glendale, OH. (

Cutting the cake!
Dad fed mom some cake...

...and then Mama fed Dad some cake...

...and then she fed Kenny some cake....wait a second...
Hours before the party, I realized there was a small part missing for the machine...I went all charismatic on that chocolate fountain!! I was SO happy it worked :-D
That blessed chocolate fountain! *sigh of relief*
Backyard fun...

"Orange You Glad We're Married?!" Punch :) [Orange Sherbert, Gingerale & Orange Concenrate - it was like a dreamcicle punch!]

Orange you glad I posted? :)

Two Years is Beachy Keen

I'm taking the "better late than never" approach to blogging these without further ado, here are some photos from our Hilton Head, SC beach trip! We spent the last week in July together with mom and dad celebrating their 30th anniversary, and our 2nd!

Mom & Dad...celebrating 30 years of God's faithfulness!

Kenny and I...celebrating 2 years of God's faithfulness in our marriage!

I love this man so much!

We also celebrated Dad's birthday on July 29th!

Kenny waiting for our Anniversary dinner at Ruan's Thai Cuisine on the island.
Here's lookin' at you, kid.

The Sinclairs...bring on year #3!

YUMMY gelato. UGH, I want some right now!

Kenny being artistic with our [semi-new] Canon Rebel :)

We woke up early Saturday morning before leaving the Island and watched the sunrise. It was glorious :)

It was such a special vacation!