Tuesday, November 1, 2011

{12 Weeks}

Month 3 {October}

How Far Along: 12 weeks! What an answer to prayer - Sayonara, first trimester!

Favorite Maternity Clothes: Found some great bargains on maternity clothes at Gap outlet and various local consignment stores! I haven’t worn any yet, but I’m getting ready to begin using the BellaBand with my regular jeans…you know “it’s that time” when your pants are unbuttoned more than they are buttoned. ;-)

Best moment this month: Seeing baby Sinclair wiggle and dance around on the ultrasound at 9 weeks…and then hearing it on the Doppler at 12 weeks - the sweetest sound my ears have ever heard…and I’ve heard a lot of beautiful music. :)

Movement: I felt a few flutters…or what I thought could be… beginning at 11 weeks. I guess time will tell if it was “for real” or not once they get stronger. I’m pretty sensitive, so I think I really did feel something, although I know it’s a bit early.

Food Cravings/Aversions: The week finally came when I could not…to my dismay…eat at the Indian Food Buffet after church on Sunday. * sigh * Weeks 10-12 have been the roughest so far - nothing seems to sound good...my two cravings have been Arby's curly fries (with cheese, of course) and chocolate milkshakes (super healthy). I lost the 3 lbs I put on at my 8 week...but the doctor said that was just fine...and to enjoy my curly fries - he'll tell me if I've gained too much ;-)

What I miss: Random foods that sound good just because I know I can’t have them. I think a lot about bagels and lox (smoked salmon) from Kenny & Zuke's in Portland, OR :)

Sleep: I heart sleep…still.

What I am looking forward to: Finding out if baby Sinclair is a boy or girl - which will be Christmas week! This is one excited mama :)

Belly Changes: Hello, BellaBand.

Symptoms: Getting energy back! Major food aversions, nausea (finally threw up for the first time at 12 weeks, ha), excess trips to the restroom…

Prayer for this month: Father, may our lives, and the life of this child bring you glory!

Here's baby's photo from our 9.5 week ultrasound :)

We took a video on my iphone of our 9.5 week ultrasound - you can see our wonderful Doctor explaining what's on the screen...and baby dancing away in the beginning! Considering I stand next to the drums playing the guitar/leading worship at church, like, 8 hours a week, I think baby is bound to love music :)

And at 12 weeks, Kenny and I heard sweet baby's heartbeat for the first time using a Doppler (running around 160 BPM). How nerdy do I look/sound/act? I was SO thrilled :)

We are treasuring every precious moment!
{Soli Deo Gloria}