Thursday, January 28, 2010

This & That

Kenny's in bed catching some Z's before his early shift tomorrow morning, and I'm sitting up late watching The Food Network and playing around on InDesign with ideas for Jon and Abigail's Save The Date cards. They asked me to design all the paperwork for the wedding and I am so excited! I can't wait to find the perfectly weighted paper to match the idea in my head...I also have some 3D ideas which include ribbon and pictures perking I promise to take a picture of the final product. For now, it's looking like this:

They also had their engagement pictures taken by the one and only Leah Robbins who shot our wedding almost two years! Check out some of their pictures on her blog:

Tomorrow is a big day: Mom's second surgery. Her first surgery, a lumpectomy in December, left cancer in the margins, and they hope going in again will prevent mom from having chemo. How we pray so! I had coffee with her this morning and she said (in a way only Julie can say) "If the oncologist tells me I only have to have radiation, I'm going to fall on my knees and praise God right there in the office!!" :) I hope she does! The Lord who hears our prayers is strong and mighty. He hears us when we call, Psalm 40: 1-2. Thank you for your love and prayer support at this time!

-By the way, my mom has facebook now! I think the earth has tilted on it's axis.

-I also have a new crafty obession: Anna Maria Horner textiles! She resides in Nashville, has 6 children and an imagination that just won't stop. Check out her blog here:

-I love snow with the best of them, but am so very ready for Spring! Which reminds me of a quote from Charles Spurgeon which has ministered to my heart in this season: "O Lord, if it be not spring time in my chilly heart, I pray Thee make it so, for I am heartily weary of living at a distance from Thee." It's tulip time :)

-I also have 11 pegnant friends. What is in the water these days? Don't worry...I haven't been drinking it ...yet ;)

Okay, well...maybe I am getting a little sleepy. Goodnight, world!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nashville New Years

Kenny and I rang in 2010 with some dear friends from Mobile, AL who we hadn't seen since we moved in May! It was such a special, hysterical weekend and we really enjoyed catching up, exploring my old romping grounds, staying in shmancy hotels, eating delicious food and laughing...a lot! I probably uploaded more pictures than anyone would have time to look at, but hey, we had a great time!

Here we are on top of the Natchez Trace extension bridge: Brian & Bethany Engl, Dararith & Lydia Kuy and Us :)
Delicious frozen yogurt at Cece's in Downtown Franklin!
SO cold!
The Engls being cute ;)
Kenny drinking his manly latte...a "Pink Poodle" at Fido's!
Lydia and D :)
My special wasabi leaf which came with the sushi! Yes, we photographed it.
Kenny and I at Bound'ry on New Years night
Room @ The Hutton Hotel...They had espresso machines on the floors!
Percy Warner Park Photos

Drinking coffee...again :)
Coco Cafe for lunch on New Year's Day...we were glad they were open!
My handsome hubby
Bethy and I! We were happy to be reunited :)
Awesome steps at Union Station Hotel - a step back into time!
Playing "Last Word" in the lobby of Union Station to ring in the New Year. The boys were mad at us for winning...
The girls were tired of their geeky answers
Kenny and Jenn...literally by the fireside :)
Freezing our rears off sitting on the Parthenon steps New Years Eve...brrrr!
Bethy & Bri
Happy New Year!!!
New Years Eve Dinner at Rotier's: Thank you, Lord, for French Bread Cheeseburgers!!
Union station reunion :)
Beautiful Union Station Lobby
Girls being girls!

We sure miss you guys! We had the best time and couldn't imagine celebrating with any dearer friends...Happy 2010!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Growing Girls!

It's hard to believe Leona will be 5 months next week (Emma is 13 months).She is such a sweetheart and she and Emma have been best friends from the start...that is, as long as she stays away from Emma's beloved stuffed kong ;) She is growing up so quickly...20-ish lbs already and the most laid-back temperament. She a wonderful compliment to Emma's energetic personality! Kenny and I rather enjoy our "dog-children" are some recent pictures!

This is what happens every morning when I eat breakfast. She's such a little moocher.
Daddy took them for a romp in the snow...which they of course enjoyed. Hello...they're snow dogs!